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The “Lenzuolissimi” store opens, the world’s first single-brand bed linen store
By Fabrizio In News Posted Wednesday January 20th, 2016 0 Comments

Have you ever stopped to reflect how much time we spend (who more and less) sleeping?

Numerous research is clear and tells us that a third of our lives have been spent with our eyes closed; for this reason it becomes fundamental not to ignore the quality of our sleep. “Lenzuolissimi” is well known, the world’s only single-brand bed linen store, which has become one of the strong points of the Italian market. This brand was born from the brilliant idea of a group of young entrepreneurs led by the founder Michele Cascavilla, with an important past spent in Frette, which makes use of the important collaboration with some young world leaders of entrepreneurship. Among these entrepreneurs ready to launch into the world of fashion, we also find Giuseppe Tornatore (not the famous director!), Who boasts a great professional experience in the management of prestigious family companies nationwide but especially international (China and America in the forefront) , and the leader of Brianza Somaschini, one of the best exponents in the insurance sector. In the group we also mention the collaboration with the famous Luca Baronchelli, successful entrepreneur well known within the Italian show business, which deals with public relations in the promotion phase of the activity. What is Lenzuolissimi?
It is a production of very high quality sheets in cotton satin (with a weft of 300 threads per square cm up to 1000 threads) in 100 solid colors, entirely produced in Italy, with excellent Egyptian cotton. Thanks to the anti-allergenic characteristics, the innovative colors and the scent of natural cotton of the highest quality, Lenzuolissimi is preparing to give a unique, relaxing and regenerating sleep experience, relying on great tailoring quality.
The strength of Lenzuolissimi lies in the personalization and high quality of a product that is sold at low prices: each person will have the opportunity to create their own item, buy individual pieces, choose which color combinations to match and print various shades of color for your own linen.
raso cotone esposizione
Tomorrow there will be the presentation of the first absolute store, which will be opened in Piazza Cordusio, Via Dante 3 in Milan, a first step that will lead the business to reach the main Italian cities, primarily Rome, and the world, such as London and New York. Within two years it is expected to open at least another 100 stores spread around the world, an investment of almost 50 million euros. The new concept of sales points is taken care of by the Roman architect Lorenzo Di Muro, designer of numerous successful retail stores on the Italian and international front.

The best quality sold at the most competitive price you can find: thanks to this strategy, Lenzuolissimi aims at the great revival of Made in Italy.

Source: SociaChannel

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