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Lenzuolissimi, an all-Italian success
By Fabrizio In News Posted Sunday June 5th, 2016 0 Comments

Pillowcases, duvets and sheets in fine fabric and customizable for all tastes

The figure of an entrepreneur is difficult to analyze. We need to put together the strength of his ideas, intuition, the ability to persevere when the game gets tough and even a right dose of heart. Michele Cascavilla tells us about his business in a Milanese restaurant. The day at the end does not tire him, the pathos and the strength of his story is inexhaustible. In one evening he explains the dream of a world covered with sheets, beautiful and colorful. A world where the bed becomes more and more the center of our existence. Cascavilla, together with a lifelong friend Giuseppe Tornatore, today president of the industrial group that courageously supported the initiative, has invented Lenzuolissimi, the brand that with its colored shops is changing the way we look at pillowcases, cover duvets and bed sheets. The idea is of the good ones, but of those, in this fast time of innovation, there are many, making man the difference in this story of Italian entrepreneurship is man.


Cascavilla tells us how he transformed, at the time he worked for Frette, the L’Aquila barracks in a five-star hotel able to host the great people of the land on the occasion of the G8 or even when he imagined to give life to Lenzuolissimi with a only goal, to bring sheets from fine fabrics in the houses of the average Italian, thanks to a competitive prices. A hundred colors of pure satin for everyone.
Michele is a dreamer, a visionary Just in L’Aquila he decided to give life to his biggest challenge. That of allowing everyone to sleep between soft sheets like Barack Obama and other important heads of state. Called by Berlusconi to give life to the beds of the powerful rooms, he realizes that 300 threads of pure satin are preferred to other even more precious fabrics. And the American president also asks to take them with him, at home.
A first store in Milan, the second in Rome, then Mexico and again in Milan, finally Florence and the prospect of opening a hundred in all of Italy over the next two years. With an eye turned overseas, in New York and China, because “Made in Italy is always Made in Italy”. “Proposing a quality product at the right price can only make our company fly high. A cuddle at a popular price because a duvet cover can cost under 100 euros. A peaceful sleep between soft sheets created with anti-allergic yarns that will give a different flavor to our nights “. The Milanese entrepreneur explains.


The CEO of Lenzuolissimi is a river full of enthusiasm and continues to tell his business idea: “Enough with the kits closed in the drawers. The precious thing should be used every day. Our pillowcases and our sheets can also be customized, the customer can make us write anything. Without forgetting that we are the only ones that sell single items and not necessarily complete packs “. The creator of Lenzuolissimi is so engaging that you would not stop listening to all his other thousand projects, from the relaxing sheet to the one with the essence of chamomile. Improbable paintings to which Cascavilla will surely give life. And there is also time for the dreams of the heart and soul, as well as his desire to create a nest of love in the countryside outside Rome. We already imagine her bedroom covered with colorful sheets to encompass within what the man before the entrepreneur wants beyond every boundary: sweet nights between soft sheets and the love of life.

Source: IlTempo