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Lenzuolissimi by Michele Cascavilla arrives in Naples!
By Fabrizio In News Posted Saturday September 23rd, 2017 0 Comments

Lenzuolissimi, the brand of Michele Cascavilla, lands in Naples and is welcomed as a star. The Milanese entrepreneur recently wrote with Roberto Alessi the book The sheets of power with a preface by Silvio Berlusconi.eface by Silvio Berlusconi.

“This book tells a good story. The story of a man doing that in Italy chooses a difficult and exciting job, that of creating a business “. These are the very first lines with which Silvio Berlusconi pays a preface to “The Sheets of power” (Armando Curcio Editore), written by the entrepreneur Michele Cascavilla and Roberto Alessi, director of Novella2000 and Visto.

The book tells the story of Michele Cascavilla: founder of the Lenzuolissimi bedding brand. The pages describe all the difficulties of doing business in Italy for those who are rich in ideas, but who need capital for the start-up. Surely the words of Silvio Berlusconi easily summarize the tenacity of an entrepreneur like Michele Cascavilla who, even going against the current, managed to realize a dream.
Cascavilla, former manager of a famous household linen company, has also worked with Alitalia, state Railways. At a certain point he realizes that something is missing. He resigns, leaving the “fixed place”, to create a brand of bed linen. When he speaks of startups he often receives closed doors in his face. But he does not give up. One day a phone call from a friend will help him …

It is thanks to Cascavilla that the concept of fashion linked to bed linen is born. The book, which concretely illustrates all the contradictions of our country, is also an invitation to never give up and always try to think positive: tenacity and determination, as well as skills, are the basis for realizing our dreams.

When Barack Obama arrived in Milan, Michele Cascavilla dedicated the sheets to him. The former US president knows the fabrics well. In fact, on the occasion of the 2009 Eagle G8, Cascavilla produced them for him. Obama liked it so much that he decided to take it with him to Washington.

During the visit to Milan, the former president of the USA was honored by Cascavilla receiving a new creation: double pillowcase for Obama and Michelle with names and surnames embroidered in English style. Obama received the book The sheets of power by Michele Cascavilla and Roberto Alessi (preface by Silvio Berlusconi), which also tells of the G8 in L’Aquila.

Source: Novella2000

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