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Putin’s birthday, among the gifts of Berlusconi a quilt with their photo
By Fabrizio In News Posted Saturday October 7th, 2017 0 Comments

Berlusconi’s gifts to Putin to celebrate his 65th birthday.

A double duvet cover with a picture of their handshake: it’s just one of Silvio Berlusconi’s gifts for the 65th birthday of his friend Vladimir Putin. Michele Cascavilla (and he postpone the photo of Instagram), CEO and founder of the Lenzuolissimi brand, already author of the book “The sheets of power”, with the preface of Berlusconi and whose rights are donated to charity to Vidas, foundation providing assistance to terminally ill patients. In the past, Cascavilla had also set up rooms at the G8 in L’Aquila, in the Coppitto della Guardia di finanza barracks.

Berlusconi, who turned 81 on September 29, has with Putin a friendship that has lasted since the days of the G8 in Genoa, in 2001, and which was then consolidated the following year in Pratica di mare, on the occasion of the signing of the NATO-Russia treaty in May. In almost 16 years the two leaders have seen several times at Villa La Certosa in Sardinia and in the Russian Dacia on the shores of the Black Sea, to talk about business and politics. And never missed calls, messages, gifts, public certificates of mutual esteem. A friendship that also involved families: Putin’s daughters spent a few days on holiday in Costa Smeralda in the summer of 2002. In October of the same year, Berlusconi gave a blitz in Moscow and then greeted the start of Blue Stream in December.

So many photographs that portray them together smiling. Perhaps the most famous is the one with two huge fur hats for dinner in the forest of Zavidovo, outside Moscow, 21 ° below zero, in February 2003. Then the central problem was the Iraq crisis, with the prospect of an imminent conflict. On how the Russian president will celebrate is a mystery. The rumors of a visit by Berlusconi have crossed over Italy, reaching as far as Moscow. But for now there is no official confirmation.

Source: Repubblica

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