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Michele Cascavilla, a young Milanese man and king of bed sheets: “I’ll keeping an eye on your dreams”
By Fabrizio In News Posted Sunday December 10th, 2017 0 Comments

The CEO and founder of “Lenzuolissimi” tells: “I started with a start-up, now I design the sheets for VIP’s, from Dj Francesco to Barbara d’Urso, but I also made them to Obama and Berlusconi …”

It is not often that, after an interview with an entrepreneur, the journalist is encouraged to buy the product.
Usually, we try to keep a bit of detachment: but when you are faced with a good person to sell, there is little to do.

Michele Cascavilla speaks with such passion of his sheets that it is impossible not to get passionate about the matter. Ad and founder of “Lenzuolissimi“, tells us with pride of how, after leaving a safe job and an excellent salary at Frette, one of the best known Italian household linen brands, he managed to launch his own mono-brand start-up of sheets, and even to break into the market. Tomorrow will open the sales point in Rome, the second after that of Piazza Cordusio in Milan.

The experience is certainly there, given that in the past Cascavilla has even provided the sheets to Barack Obama. It was 2009, when Berlusconi decided at the last minute to transfer the G8 from Maddalena to L’Aquila: “All the rooms of the heads of state, to be rushed in. President Berlusconi called me and told me that we had to turn a barracks in a five-star hotel.”

“We brought the linen, the thousand thread, the fiandra, the most precious fabrics: Berlusconi, however, chose 300 threads, a beautiful but crude fabric, not as important as the others … In short, we make all the customized initials of all the people … In the end, the heads of state were very happy and Obama took away the sheets and even the Japanese were happy … We even put the sheets in Gadhafi’s tent. ”

And then there are VIP clients: from Dj Francesco, who wants yellow and orange sheets, to Barbara D’Urso, who prefers the different shades of purple instead. “And to Berlusconi – he adds – we made them camouflage, because he is a warrior, to urge him never to give up”. A suggestion that Cascavilla also addresses to young entrepreneurs.

“Start from friends, from people you trust, from small things to big ones – he explains – Behave well, be loyal and do not want to make too high margins.” Of course, there is the problem of taxes. But Cascavilla, it seems, has a recipe: “New employees, up to thirty years old, would only need to pay their salary, no taxes, they did not have jobs before and the state did not take anything from them. five years, you can not only pay taxes to them and not to the state, so the economy grows? And then we make a nice 10% subsidy for those who make made in Italy. After a year in the Renzi government we did not get anything…”

In the Lenzuolissimi store, there is no need to say it, it only sells sheets: single, double, double, pillowcases … “We have more than one hundred colors, a ‘300 threads’ plot, of quality but without frills, and the possibility of customizer the sheets with the figures of the owner – explains satisfied Cascavilla – We keep the prices low thanks to a quality product but without lace, edges and designs: but people come back to us because with 300 threads you do not sweat, they are not allergies, while sleep is important, we spend 33% of our life in bed, and not counting the time we do not sleep. “

On the sheets you can put the numbers, you can write “my love” on the pillowcase if you do not know who your partner sleeps at night, ride Cascavilla. People, he explains, fears to use quality sheets every day: many have beautiful kits but keep them locked in the drawer, as if they were a precious picture. To hear him, nothing more wrong …

Source: il Giornale.it

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