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CopriPolitica, the duvet cover with the symbols of the parties presented for the Fashion Week
By Fabrizio In News Posted Monday April 16th, 2018 0 Comments

A duvet cover that looks like a ballot.

In view of the Fashion Week, and shortly before the policies of March 4, the ‘Copripolitica‘ arrives. Designed by the company Lenzuolissimi, it is a 300 thread cotton satin duvet cover with printed all the symbols of the parties that will be the protagonists of the call to the polls.

The product, which is not for sale but will be exhibited during the Fashion Week, was designed by the company in view of the elections. The CEO, Michele Cascavilla, explained: “A choice that wants to spiritually combine the beauty of fashion with the serious commitment of voting for voters. It is a delicate moment for the Country, this is a symbol to wish everyone a peaceful sleep, however it goes on March 4th “.

The company Lenzuolissimi, born in Milan in 2014 and, in the past, had made some duvet covers without commercial purposes, which had a certain media visibility: among them one by Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin and one by Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, in which the leaders shake hands.

Berlusconi had also dedicated another product of Lenzuolissimi, inspired by the famous photo of the leader of Forza Italy with all the trophies won during the long presidency of Milan.

Source: Leggo

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