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The luxury market also goes through the sheets: those of Cascavilla conquer even Obama
By Fabrizio In News Posted Sunday December 9th, 2018 0 Comments

After sleeping on his sheets, Barack Obama wanted to bring them back to the United States: starting from scratch, Michele Cascavilla managed to create an exclusive brand by entering a market, that of bed linen, still to be explored. Il Giornale writes about him:

Forty years old, Pugliese but Milanese by adoption, Cascavilla has made headway in the entrepreneur world with an original idea: to create a bedding brand that produces only sheets, at affordable prices but of great quality. The name is lapidary: Lenzuolissimi. He started two years ago with the first store in the center of Milan, then opened another store in Rome and now works in Naples and Turin, dreaming of London and New York. 

The sheets of power” (written together with Roberto Alessi and published by Armando Curcio) is the title of the book that tells its success, whose preface was written by Silvio Berlusconi. The former premier has admired the entrepreneurial spirit that animates Cascavilla, and the forecasts are the best.

The ambition in effect recalls that of the young Berlusconi: among his models Cascavilla cites Henry Ford and Gianni Agnelli, captains of the company of which dreams of emulating the deeds that have made history. “I started as a manager of Frette, the historic brand that supplies linen to all the Italian high society since the late nineteenth century tells We managed to close important contracts for supplies to Alitalia and Ferrovie dello Stato, then the turning point: the G8 of the Eagle of 2009 “.

This is the occasion in which the major international leaders have had the opportunity to rest wrapped in sheets of Frette: they were so successful that they pushed Cascavilla to found their own brand.

mini esposizione lenzuolissimi

So in 2013 the adventure of Lenzuolissimi begins. As always happens, the hardest part is the beginning of the climb: the search for lenders. The man of the turning point is Giuseppe Tornatore, homonym of the famous director. An important role is played by DJ Francesco Facchinetti, who will then become one of the most loyal customers.

It opens in Milan, in Piazza Cordusio. The room is small, 30 square meters, there is not even space to expose the sheets spread: Cascavilla arranges with miniature models of beds, where they show off themselves mignon versions of the sheets.

And there are sheets of all kinds, colors and patterns.

The anecdotal, moreover, is inexhaustible. “In bed, we spend a third of our life,” explains Cascavilla. “We sleep, play, make love, rest, we even conceive our children, and that’s why people are so demanding of sheets”. There is the lady in her 80s who asks for camouflage sheets or national fans who choose a tricolor match. Many VIP’s, who ask for the most varied bedding sets. Pamela Prati opts for camouflage sheets, the actress Anna Safroncik has ordered powder pink pillowcases with the photo of the beloved kitten.

Sleeping on the other hand is an activity not to be taken lightly. Better sleep, or better live: Cascavilla knows it well, so he decided to bring a little luxury into the lives of his clients.

“Too many people buy a quality kit and then do not use it in the fear of ruining it,” says the founder of Lenzuolissimi. “It’s not a precious picture, The sheets have to be lived, just like the bed“.


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