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About us


We are a group of young Italian entrepreneurs who have decided to create an innovative startup which is linked to the world of production and to the traditional values ​​of the manufacturing sector that made famous our country throughout.

Michele Cascavilla, after a brilliant career in Frette, creates the brand “Lenzuolissimi”, the first brand of bed linen in the world, cotton satin (from 300 up to 1000 threads) in 100 solid colors. In Lenzuolissimi the cotton high quality made in Italy is combined with an absolutely competitive price and many innovative ideas, such as customization of the products in real time, the complete configurability of the sets with infinite color combinations, recycling of used garments, ecological packaging, the sartorial quality of finishes.

In the business plan, the new concept of the stores has been cured by the roman architect Lorenzo Di Muro, owner of Studioplanning and designer of many successful retail stores in Italy and abroad. Six are the current location of great commercial appeal: the first in Piazza Cordusio in Milan, the second one in via Tomacelli in Rome, then Florence, Palermo, Naples and Città del Messico: in the next two years is expected the opening of more than 30 franchising stores.

Giuseppe Tornatore is the president of the company, a young entrepreneur who has expanded the business sector of the family to join this project, courageously accepting a new challenge: the young manager, hailing from Sicily and very attentive to traditional and handcrafted Italian values, will put his energies and international business experiences in the new company. In the group of entrepreneurs to embark on this exciting challenge we also find Erik Somaschini, a young and well-known entrepreneur that is active in the field of insurance brokerage.